30 Day Vlogging Challenge

Tiffany Dow had a great idea to do a Vlogging Challenge to get people making and posting videos. It was a brilliant idea and as the 30 days progressed, a growing number of people joined in and supported each other. I know that I did more and put in more effort precisely because a lot of other people did the same, and I thank everybody who took up the challenge.

If you are here at any time in the future, reading and watching these posts and thinking to yourself that you’d have loved to have participated in this Challenge, do it now! Don’t worry that you started now and not back then, get going with it and kickstart your momentum.


Then get in touch with some of the people who are on this Challenge, and let them know that you liked their videos and that you are inspired to make your own. Then post your URL where we can find your videos and I am sure that we will conme and find you and support you too. We all remember what it was like before, during and after this Challenge.

Here is a list of Vlogging Challenge participants so that you can go and meet everyone:

Tiffany Dow

Minna Bryant

Bonnie Gean

Lisa Stoops

Tiffiney Cowan

Paul D Williams

Jennifer Valerie

Victoria @My Daily Cuppa

Teresa Graham Brett

Leslie Denning

Stacy Galiczynski

Jenn Alex Brockman

Desmond Owens

Britt Malka

Jackie Lee

Cheryl Chartier

Sue Worthington

James Brown

Helena Bowers


Send me a message and I’ll add your name to this list if it doesn’t appear here already!