How Best To Prepare For Writing?

It can be awfully hard to carve out the time, space, energy for writing. So how can you make it important enough, so that nothing else can dislodge you from your writing time?

Reading is magical for so many of us. Reading novels can be hard to fit in because we have family and work responsibilities, but when we do the rewards are priceless. Writing holds them same perils and pitfalls. So whether you are writing your novel or just thinking about novel writing, here are some quick and easy ideas to make the reading magic move your writing words. Then let these simple habits make your words dance so they are delightful to read.

Comfort: Curl up in your favourite armchair, the comfortable one you love to read in. You’ll find that you’ll love novel writing wherever you love novel reading. Lounge in those luxurious feelings and let your relaxed mind and body release your ideas. Let the reader in you guide the writer in you. Write the magical words that you’d love to read. Write for your own pleasure so that you fall in love with your own novel writing process.

Music: Queue up a few hours of your favourite music so that you can stay put and enjoy your novel writing. Let the music wash over you and whisper ideas into your writing. Be adventurous and create an entire soundtrack for your novel, then write as you listen and imagine. Then you can conjure up that magical state of mind at any time, just by relaxing with your novel writing soundtrack.

Fire: With your chair by the fire, stock up with logs the day before and write with a fire as a warm companion. If there is no fire to hand, use a recording of a fire on your television, and wrap a cheerful blanket around you while you write. Toast marshmallows or almonds over the fire to treat yourself from time to time while you are novel writing. Enjoy your fire even more if the weather outside is threatening and grim.

Games: Indulge in some little games so that your novel writing is fun for you. Base a scene around a word, but don’t mention that word. Write a passage where nobody talks, and everything is conveyed through actions, objects and the environment. Include a symbolic object in your writing, and have it reappear in scenes throughout your novel.

Candles: Spread a few night lights around and dim the lights. Light some taller candles inside glass lanterns for that sparkle in the dark. Feel the ancient traditions of all the writers from the past come to life in your dreamy candlelight. Then open yourself up and write. The wonderful scents of perfumed candles can also fill your senses and spill over into your novel writing.

Bottom Line: Give your penmanship these chances to transport you to that magical place! After all, you deserve it. Your novel writing deserves it!