You Are What You Write

And I must have written something extremely….. funky.


I’m getting pumped up because NaNo starts up again in just over 24 hours. I get to jumpstart my writing habit out of its flatlined state and see if I can’t find time in my 24-hr lifestyle to write, every day, for one month.

It’s great. You should be doing it too. Go here if you aren’t already doing it – sign up and get started!

I spent time today clearing out my office, clearing a desk just for writing this month. Then I junked it up again while I sorted out the rest of the tat in the office, so then I had to clear that desk all over again. I’ll probably have to do that a few more times too before November is finally up. “Dear God,” I will pray each night, “please, please, PLEASE find me sat on the chair at that desk each night, making my wordcount. Amen.”