Omi Nears Publication

I’m getting very excited because I’m getting close to publishing Omi.

 In Germany, the Omi Corporation outsources the care of elderly Alzheimer’s patients to cost-effective locations around the world. What happens to loved ones and their new carers as the worst starts to happen? What will Parker do? Does Barfuss die? Is Helga ethereal? Which is worse – thunder, lightning, or rain? Read it – it’s your future too, after all.

That’s not the cover blurb by the way, just some teaser text I was experimenting with for something and I thought I’d put it there.

I have been a lot longer over publishing this book than I care to think about. (I’m currently pulling very long hours to get the money together to publish the physical book with a decent launch print run.) This isn’t all bad news though. I’ve been able to rewrite several of the stories and make a bunch of improvements, and the extra time to percolate has done the whole project good.

Because I have been sitting on the manuscript for so long, I got that terrific long perspective that a writer can only seem to get by putting the damn thing away in a drawer for a few months. Well, at least I did the digital equivalent of that.

Other plus points have been:

  • I have discovered lots of neat ways to make better use of Scrivener
  • I have managed to read some of my work in public and received good feedback
  • I have had time to get professional editorial help to polish the anthology
  • I have had more time to develop the backstory of the Omi Corporation
  • I have managed to hold back a couple of stories for a planned sequel, Omi II

So the upshot is that publication is not far off now. Not quite my March 15th launch according to my plan at New Year, but not too shabby.

Omi was originally written so that I could take a break from my gigantic spiralling-out-of-control novel project, We Are The Pigs. I’m pleased to say that I am now back on the job of rewriting that beast, and the latest news is that I have butchered it. Yep, I have cut it up into three distinct chunks, and so right now at the time of writing this blog post I’m looking down the barrel of a trilogy, with possibly a further series and other related publications such as a short story anthology set in the Pigs universe. There’s even a draft film script knocking about on my computer. Fancy.