Come Get Some Comment Luv

Hey there it’s Paul again, with a big smile after installing the pro version of the Comment Luv plugin. Check it out by leaving a comment on my posts! (And hit me up on Facebook if it doesn’t work!). As I’ve been getting a few dozen spam messages per day on this blog alone, I’m also hoping that by using Comment Luv I’ll see that drop off as well as all of you good people taking advantage of some link juice from your comments. So come and post and get yourself a backlink!

This post’s sounds are brought to you once again by Fissunix, mashing up the wonderful sounds of Rage Against The Machine versus Patrice. Set to autoplay so you don’t even have to lift a finger – how considerate is that?! Let me know in the comments whether you love or hate this feature :-)

Me, I like it. It fills out the blog nicely – audio, the missing dimension – but actually what I’m really thinking is that I should be using it to be more adventurous and play back readings from my short stories and novels, excerpts from my podcasts, audio clips from some of my videos, and custom soundscapes to tweak at your ears. Maybe next time there’ll be a surprise…

So, my writing today has mainly been all content, for the new special project site in fact, plus some more standard content for some of my other blogs. (I’m putting together some case studies of my niche blog business, ready for a new training and mentoring site that I have been planning – but more about that after I reboot the Internet Marketing Gentleman site next month, OK?)

In fact, ‘reboot’ is the best word to describe my year so far – I am making great progress on my goal of writing one million words in 2013, but who knew that the bulk of it would be for the content networks and ghostwriting clients rather than purely on my fiction works? Not I, that’s for sure.

I didn’t quite know how to handle that fact at first, as it slowly started to dawn on me that yes, I was writing but no, it wasn’t fiction. Damn. So I stopped posting up my word count totals and felt a bit confused. Didn’t I intend to write a million words of fiction when I started out on this adventure?

Fast forward six months and I’m still writing away but with one big difference – now I don’t care whether I’m writing fiction or content. Financially this has been the toughest year yet and so I am happy that I have been able to partly rescue the situation (right on the edge of disaster – but that’s a story for another day, OK?) through my writing.

So two things are happening:

  1. I’m totaling up everything that I have written this year and will continue to include all of it – content, blog posts, etc. as well as fiction.
  2. Now that I have conquered the financial problem, I’m writing fiction again. Yay!

At this moment in time, I admit that I am struggling to see just how I can finish the first part of We Are The Pigs in any reasonable time frame (for instance, can I publish in March 2014? Hmm.) But the summer is made for just keeping going, write on, write on, write on and then write on some more. So that’s where I am off to now – and you? Now Go And Write!