Ain’t No Mountain High

While I’m busy with ongoing maintenance on this blog, I thought I would treat you to a little music while you read, courtesy of Marvin Gaye and Grammatik’s remix of Led Zeppelin, all brought together by the inimitable Fissunix. I set it to autoplay, so we’ll see if you like or don’t like this from the comments. If you’d prefer, I can post future audio so that you have to click on it in for it to play inside the blog post while you read. You never know, you might prefer the gold of silence.

I put in a temporary header earlier while I get a better one sorted out. I enjoyed cobbling it together from various photographs that I have taken over the years of the animals and of course, Frankie. I find images to be a huge inspiration when I am writing. Whether I have my eyes open looking at them, or my eyes closed imagining them, scenes and details help me to take the next step into the realm of the senses and the kind of stuff that I feel is my best writing material.

I put a text box on the header too. I wanted something that I feel and believe in strongly, that would also mean something useful to readers. I sat down and thought about things over a cup of tea, and “Now Go And Write!” felt perfect.

I’ll be adding different bits and pieces to this blog over the coming days and weeks, and each time that I do I’ll blog about it so that you can see how I did it. That way if you like something, you can hopefully go and do it too.

In the writing vein – as well as my ‘proper’ writing, I’m restarting some satirical (or just plain silly) writing on another site currently being set up. This was a venture that I previously undertook as a bit of fun with an old friend and colleague, Andi McGinty. We messed around with it for a while but it was never a serious thing, and I’m afraid that I let the original domain lapse. When I wanted to restart earlier this year, I found to my horror that the domain had been purchased by speculators who are asking several thousand dollars for the domain. Hmm.

My response (after anger! Hulk SMASH!) was to simply rebrand the site and go again with a new domain. (Insert mental picture of thumbing my nose at premium domain speculators). And I am delighted to reveal that Andi is merrily joining in the fun again as we get the site back on its feet. This is great news not just because Andi has a great comic touch, but also because he is a graphics genius and the site would look awful without his excellent work. We’ve agreed to post regular satirical stories and to take out (most of) the swearing, and I expect to be revealing the site in all its glory quite soon.

Toodle pip for now.