Adventures In Video

So here comes a Vlog with a difference :-) This one is called ‘Dreams’, and I just finished making it. Dedicated to Minna, Tiffany, Lisa, Andi, David and Glenys.

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I wish I was better at writing.

There are some days the words… just don’t come.

There are some mornings I don’t want to get up.

I don’t want to find out that I’m no good.

I’d rather stay in bed… and dream.

But there’s a problem.

My dreams don’t want to stay in bed with me.

Why should they?

They want to be out there, dancing on the horizon, waving to me, saying ‘Keep Up!’.

Because I love my dreams, I chase after them.

Running madly, making mistakes, looking stupid, but I don’t care.

I’ve got to chase my dreams.

When I’m chasing my dreams, I forget my fears.

I don’t wish I was better at writing.

I just wish… I was faster.

And when I catch my dreams…

… that’s when all the good things start to happen.


(With thanks to Minna Bryant, who provided the inspiration for this video with her vlog and post on ‘Dreams’ here.)