Romanian_NudeI’m just back from a brief trip to the Deepish North – no, not the really Deep North like Northumberland – where I took my son Frankie to Barnard Castle for a few great days with his grandparents. They only have wired internet, and upstairs only, and in quite awkward places too… so it was tricky to get online when, among all the other things, Frankie wants me to play all of the time and is demanding to know where I am if I drop out of sight for longer than a few seconds. I could only do one thing at a time. No email. No Facebook. No… anything. Just family. Talking and being with loved ones. I loved it. And I relearned a very special lesson. Want to know what it was?


Hey there it’s Paul again, with a big smile after installing the pro version of the Comment Luv plugin. Check it out by leaving a comment on my posts! (And hit me up on Facebook if it doesn’t work!). As I’ve been getting a few dozen spam messages per day on this blog alone, I’m also hoping that by using Comment Luv I’ll see that drop off as well as all of you good people taking advantage of some link juice from your comments. So come and post and get yourself a backlink!


I’m getting very excited because I’m getting close to publishing Omi.

┬áIn Germany, the Omi Corporation outsources the care of elderly Alzheimer’s patients to cost-effective locations around the world. What happens to loved ones and their new carers as the worst starts to happen? What will Parker do? Does Barfuss die? Is Helga ethereal? Which is worse – thunder, lightning, or rain? Read it – it’s your future too, after all.

Picture of me 1

While I’m busy with ongoing maintenance on this blog, I thought I would treat you to a little music while you read, courtesy of Marvin Gaye and Grammatik’s remix of Led Zeppelin, all brought together by the inimitable Fissunix. I set it to autoplay, so we’ll see if you like or don’t like this from the comments. If you’d prefer, I can post future audio so that you have to click on it in for it to play inside the blog post while you read. You never know, you might prefer the gold of silence.

I started this blog because… I was doing a video blogging challenge and I needed a place to put the videos. I didn’t really have a big goal for this site, it was just serving a purpose. Or at least, at first that’s all it was.